cat gazzoli

The Founder

From her time at the UN running food and agricultural programmes to heading up Slow Food UK as their CEO, Cat has always been passionate about healthy eating and the pleasure of food. As a mother herself, Cat started doing more work in family food and introducing new tastes.
Working with leading nutritionists, dieticians and industry experts, Cat set out to create The Food Education Foundation; bringing together the crucial research that is being done on infant nutrition, and working with families and volunteers to bring food education to families in a way that was fun, informative and helped give parents the information and support they needed.



Alice Fotheringham

Charity Director

Alice is an infant nutrition specialist and nutritional chef who’s love of good food and its provenance was kindled at a young age, growing up on a fruit farm in Scotland.
After cooking professionally around the world, and working with Annabel Karmel on recipes and nutrition, Alice met Cat and found a shared passion for good food, and a belief in the importance of instilling a love of food from a young age. Together they developed the FEF programmes that we use today to work with parents and family volunteers throughout London.