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Like all good stories, the idea of Piccolo began around the kitchen table. Cat has spent her career campaigning for good honest and natural food, and the work of The Food Education Foundation was the inspiration behind Piccolo. Piccolo’s mission is to further the aim of the charity by helping busy parents give their children a nutritious start in life. Both Cat and Alice work together to create a range of delicious organic purées using delicious ingredients to provide a practical way to introduce babies to new and exciting flavours.

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We connect strongly with the NCT’s vision of supporting a parent from conception to toddlerhood, those first, and crucial 1,000 days. We work closely with the National Childbirth Trust, the UK’s largest parenting charity, furthering our shared mission, to help provide parents with the necessary resources and support in the early days of parenthood.



The IFBB is a well- established think tank that examines the link between nutrition and brain development and maintenance, and as a natural consequence, behaviour. Brain health during pregnancy and early years is fundamental to the child’s future; diet needs to reflect those essential elements.


A family-run, independent and progressive organisation dedicated to the support of visionary organisations and individuals who show leadership and results in making this a more just and kind world

The A team foundation is a charity  dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for children.

The Daylesford Foundation supports projects in the UK that educate children and young people in the core areas of organic food, growing and the countryside