we are a

uk Charity

that works with families

of young children

We provide engaging and informative advice and information on your child’s food
journey, right from the start.



Studies have shown that babies


to a variety of first foods

tend to choose a wider variety of foods throughout their childhood
which may encourage a healthier diet in the long-term.

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with our


training and information packs

we hope to help give parents and volunteers
the confidence

to feed their family healthily, and to enjoy doing it.

more about what we do

With the rising obesity crisis in the UK, particularly childhood obesity
and the associated illnesses such as diabetes, reaching parents
as they start to introduce foods to their baby’s, is critical.

For the spring and summer term we are focusing our services in the London borough of Hackney, targeting some of the highest rates of obesity in London. 


and friends

We are an evidence based charity, working with the NCT’s research team, First Steps Nutrition,
 and The Institute of Food Brain and Behaviour, and ensure we are up to
date with all the latest research on infant nutrition. We connect strongly with the NCT’s vision
of supporting a parent from conception to toddlerhood, those first, and crucial 1,000 days.

more about our partners and friends

  • National Childbirth Trust
  • First Steps Nutrition Trust
  • IFBB